What Makes Ubud the Perfect Holiday Destination?

Ubud is one of the best destinations for a holiday. It’s the perfect place to be irrespective of one’s age and country of origin. You could very well choose to stay at Ubud or if you plan to stay in Bali make it a point to travel to Ubud as it’s not far and it’s totally worth the experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons as to why you need to visit Ubud

Ubud is centrally located – As already mentioned, Ubud is close to the Bali international airport – around 35 kilometers away and a short drive by cab. When in this blissful city you’d see gorgeous mountains, lovely beaches, lush forests and lots more. If you want to, you could hire a cab and take a tour of the city. The rates are really reasonable and hence you don’t need to worry about prices. But, make sure to bargain as everyone in the city charges hefty rates – especially if they notice tourists.

Love art and culture? Then why not visit the art hub of Bali!

When in Ubud you’d not only see beautiful establishments and monuments, just take a scroll into some of the museums and you would be amazed. There are plenty of artists, connoisseurs, writers as well as collectors in addition to tourists and nature lovers spread out across this amazing city.

The city is lively and has some activity going on all through the year. It may be crowded, but when you’re here you would feel a sense of tranquility and splendor. This is the reason many tourists return to spend another holiday at this beautiful and homely destination.

Love shopping? Then Ubud is for you

The markets of Ubud have pretty artifacts and exquisite handicrafts for you to buy. This is another place where you’d have to bargain before you buy. The prices are reasonable, yet they’re overpriced. A walk through some of these lanes would dazzle you – their culture is worth witnessing. If you love jewelry, you’d enjoy a visit to Celuk – the silver capital of Bali. Carry some cash or your credit card along as you will be tempted to buy – that’s the beauty of this place, everything is amazing.

Accommodation is cheap

The Ubud villas are really cheap and you could get a luxurious one at reasonable rates. Therefore, accommodation isn’t going to be a problem when you stay in this city.

8 Tips to a Perfect Holiday

• Research where you’re going, check out impartial review sites for the hotels, nearby restaurants and activities of the area as well as checking the voucher sites for any great special offers. This will make sure that you get what you buy and don’t end up with a holiday from hell!
AVOID: Paying 5* rates for a tent, motorway view with nearby running water.

• Before you go, make a list of everything that you need to take and need to do before leaving. Tick this list off as you go and make sure it’s all done before you leave for peace of mind and no worries.
AVOID: “Did I leave the front door open and Kevin in his room?”

• Ask at the hotel’s front desk for advice and information. Front desk staff are there to help, whether you need directions or some ideas for your holiday then this is your first (and hopefully last) stop. Remember, these staff are the ones who usually book the activities for guests so are usually knowledgeable about the activities themselves and can sometimes get exclusive prices!
AVOID: Asking directions from some bloke on the street and ending up lost… again.

• Stay Safe! Keep your valuables under lock and key at all times, whether you keep them on your person during the day or place them in the hotel safe it’s better to be certain of their location! Trust me; there is nothing worse than frantically searching on the last day of your holiday for those car keys!
AVOID: Losing the car keys, house keys, map back home and the kitchen sink.

• Whether you’re on holiday for relaxation or adventure, nothing will spoil your mood and the holiday in general more than your email and mobile phone. Remember, you booked time off to enjoy yourself so why are you checking your email? Just turn off the phone and relax.
AVOID: Setting up an office on the beach, sand in the coffee… never good.

• Make sure you remember your holiday by taking those all important holiday snaps. Photos are a great way of remembering your holidays and showing the friends and family what you got up to. Try and take as many different photos as you can and get a few funny ones in too! Remember, don’t just take snaps of the holiday; photograph the journey too!
AVOID: Not having something to laugh at when you get home.

• Don’t forget the postcard! OK maybe not a postcard but don’t forget to buy some souvenirs for people back home. Top tip, take a good photo of the scenery or the family and make a custom postcard or picture in frame for the loved ones.
AVOID: The awkward silence when your Mum asks where her present is.

• A final thought to your holiday, leave a review for the hotel and restaurants you visited for the next guests. If you researched your holiday you would have relied on these reviews to build a picture of your trip, leaving a review of your own helps boost good businesses and helps others avoid the bad ones.
AVOID: Keeping your holiday just to yourself.

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Switzerland Hotels: Perfect Holiday Hideouts

When one hears the name ‘Switzerland’ the picturesque image of a snow-laden land comes to the mind. The country is home to several glaciers, alpine peaks and fresh water bodies. It is a perfect spot for nature lovers from all over the world. The silent, cold mountainous Switzerland is a treat to the eyes of the seekers of beauty and a tranquilizer to even the most chaotic of minds. It is pleasantly cool weather and mesmerizing white landscape gives Switzerland a unique romantic hue. It is thus, one of the most preferred honeymoon spots in the world. Understandably, the Switzerland hotels and resorts are accommodated so as to provide as much comfort and facilities to their guests as possible. The interior designing of these hotels is done with special care to attract more people. The rooms are spacious, elegant and classy giving the seekers a perfect ‘honeymoon’ experience. One can easily reserve accommodation in popular hotels online.

Any hotel, they say, is as good as its service. Even far away from the home, a good hotel must be able to recreate a warm comfortable, homely ambience. The hotel staff is handpicked and trained to provide just that. The Switzerland hotels are meant to be tourist spots in themselves. They are the place where people are made to feel cared for, and special. Sometimes, a good hotel is what makes a holiday unforgettable. There are many factors that can make a hotel more preferable than others. Its location, services, charm, facilities and restaurant are the most important factors to consider. With the rising competition in the hotel business, different players provide various amenities to their guests. These include special welcomes, complimentary food, Wi-Fi, travel guides, etc. Cleanliness is paramount and it is ensured that the living conditions are sanitary.

Switzerland has many beautiful landscapes and tourist spots. Nevertheless, what makes this place unique is its hotel industry, unparallel, perhaps in the world. They do not simply aim to provide their guests with a place to stay overnight, but to provide them with a special ‘Swiss’ experience. The pleasant ambience, comfort and amenities provided make sure that the guests have a great holiday even if they stay indoors. Switzerland may be a paradise but its hotels are a paradise within this paradise. Switzerland hotels are hence, prefect holiday hideouts for those who are interested in elegance and a homely and cosy ambiance.

Gift Ideas To Find The Perfect Holiday Gift

The holidays are just around the corner, but sometimes it seems like a holiday, birthday, anniversary or other special occasion is almost always around the corner. Whatever the occasion you likely want some gift ideas so you can find the perfect gift, one that the recipient will truly be excited to receive. With a little thought you should be able to find just the right gift; sometimes you just need to think beyond the typical gift ideas.

Personal Gifts

Sometimes coming up with gift ideas to find the perfect gift involve listening and paying close attention to potential hints the person has been giving — even when they don’t realize they are providing hints. Pay attention to things they like and dislike so you can start forming ideas. If you are out shopping with them and they find an item they love but decide not to splurge on themselves make a note so you can stop by later and pick it up. If they love a specific thing like tea or wine find a unique and high quality source as a gift.

Experience Gifts

Some people seem to have enough items already, or maybe you simply want to get them an experience instead of an item. Depending on your budget there are a wide variety of experience gifts you can get for them from simple but personal to an incredible experience.

There are always gift cards to chain restaurants and movie theaters, but to make it more personal you may want to opt for a gift certificate to a favorite local restaurant instead. Massage or spa gift certificates can provide a pampered experience. Classes for something they love can foster a hobby. A ride on a hot air balloon can provide an exciting experience. A night at a bed and breakfast can provide a romantic experience. You can find some really nice experience gifts in a variety of price ranges if you simply think about what kind of things the recipient enjoys.

Gift Baskets

People often think of gift baskets as an impersonal, easy gift, but by customizing them you can create a very nice and memorable gift. Gift baskets can be filled with anything from favorite chocolates to favorite wine, and they don’t really have to be baskets. The container you use as the basket can be part of the gift, for example a nice serving bowl could be used as a “basket” filled with favorite or gourmet foods. This can actually be a very creative and personal gift when done well.

The most important thing to consider when trying to find the perfect gift for someone is the personality of the person receiving it. Pay attention to what they already have, what they like and what they don’t like. Also, a gift can be an experience; it doesn’t have to be an item.

Birmingham Weekend – A Perfect Holiday Destination

Birmingham Weekend will be an excellent idea for a family or individual holiday that will get you away from the hustle-bustle of working life. If you and your family/girlfriend work hard to have a better life, then a getaway to Birmingham for a weekend is an excellent way to reinvigorate yourself. If you are working hard for a better life then you should not be having any reservations for taking some time off as holidays.

If you have decided to go for a weekend holiday alone or with your family, a Birmingham Weekend will be an ideal location. Birmingham is a city with an eventful history and economic success after the Civil War. It is also known as the “The Magic City” for its history, economic, art, sports and music blend. Where will you get a city with so much of history, economic success, art, music and sports? It is melting pot of activities that breathes life into you.

Birmingham – a major southern city of America – is also home to hospitable people. The Birmingham residents are known for their friendly disposition and you will really feel welcomed when they just smile at you. A place is what its people make of it. If a place is prosperous, clean with lots of tourists flowing in then you can be sure it is all due to its people. Birmingham reflects this spirit of its residents and you will really feel that Birmingham is what it is today because of the hardworking and hospitable nature of its people. You can feel and see this during you Birmingham Weekend.

During your Birmingham Weekend take your family/girlfriend for a lunch of country-fried steak with butter beans. All of you are simply going to love a meal at one of the restaurants or hotels. If you are a history freak, then you will get to learn much of the Civil Rights movement but if music is what you and those accompanying you are looking for then jazz music will keep you entertained.

If you are an art lover, Birmingham Weekend will provide you with an excellent opportunity to indulge in this activity as you can spend your morning at the Birmingham Museum of Art. If by noon you feel hungry then you can have lunch at a traditional Southern tea room. For those of you who likes to indulge in outdoor activities you can chose from teeing off at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail or go for day hiking at Ruffner Mountain.

Take your family/girlfriend to the world-class zoo and listen to blue show at an outdoor café in the evening. If you don’t like the idea of spending the night at an expensive hotel why not try some small homely inn. We are sure you and your family/girlfriend will love it during your Birmingham Weekend stay.

Having the Perfect Holiday

How do you go about having the perfect holiday? Many of us like different things when it comes to holidays. For some of us, such trips are all about relaxing on the beach, maybe reading a book and doing very little else. It may be that we work extremely hard the rest of the time and need to have the opportunity to relax as a result.

That may not be your idea of a great holiday though. Maybe you prefer the thought of really getting to know a place. That could mean hiring a car and taking the opportunity to explore a region that you weren’t previously aware of.

Our holiday choices can obviously be influenced by others too. If we have young children, for example, then it’s likely that we’ll want to choose a holiday destination that will appeal to the whole family. There’s very little point in opting to travel to somewhere that only adults will really enjoy. That’s only likely to lead to our children being unhappy, which will probably end up ruining the holiday for everyone.

So it’s clear that giving careful thought to the destination should certainly be important. It needs to be somewhere that will please the whole family. But is this the only thing that matters when it comes to having a great holiday?

You’ll often get the most out of the experience if you’re prepared to really engage with local people. By making the effort to learn a little of their language, this can often become much easier. As well as enabling you to find out more about the local culture and customs, you’ll also discover that such an approach will help you to pick up some great tips.

Although guide books and websites can be useful for finding out information about a destination, local knowledge is often far more relevant.

So concentrate on finding a good location and then make the effort to integrate yourself with the locals if you really want to have the perfect holiday.

Find out more about discount holidays at Alpha Rooms [http://www.offeruk.net/alpha-rooms-discounts.shtml] online, as discussed by Keith Barrett. This article may be used by any website publisher, though this resource box must always be included in full.

Find the Perfect Holiday Villa

Have you heard of spending your holidays in your own private holiday villa? Maybe your boss mentioned it, or your banker. They may have told you about their luxury villa rental in the Greek Islands and you probably thought that a holiday like that would be out of your league.

Holiday villas are a spectacular way to spend your days and nights at locations across the globe. However, you don’t have to be rich or well-connected to enjoy the amenities that a luxury villa rental offers. In fact, your budget may end up appreciating the fact that you discovered this travel option! After all, dining out for every meal adds up. With a holiday villa (with a pool!) you can eat it as often as you want and enjoy the savings. These savings add up, especially if you have several mouths to feed three or more times per day.

In addition, a luxury villa rental costs a set amount per week regardless of how many people stay there. Where hotels and other accommodations charge per person, you’ll pay one rate no matter if two people or ten spend the week there. Invite another couple or two to share your private holiday villa and everyone will come out ahead.

Finding the perfect holiday villa involves knowing what you want, where you want to be, how much you’re willing to spend, and how many people you want to house. The folks at James Villa Holidays will help you with these questions and find the perfect answer!

India – A Perfect Holiday Destination

India is a perfect holiday destination and attracts tourists from all around the world to spend their holidays in India. India is a vast country and abode of fabulous blend of diverse culture and rich history. India with its several tourist attractions and attention-grabbing holiday spots never fail to impress its visitors. India offers a lot to experience and enjoy. From modern cities to prehistoric monuments, holy places and holiday spots, India offers a lot to the overseas tourists to experience and cherish.

Interested in India Holiday Tours? Welcome, India Tourism invites you to spend your holidays in India. Travel in India and observe its incredible cultural heritage and get fascinated with historic & magnificent monuments, fantastic forts, terrific temples, and several beautiful holiday spots. Travel in India and marvel on incredible architectural wonders of India. Architecturally beautiful structures, monuments with beautiful design, paintings & carvings, temples with fine carvings & sculptures, fantastic forts, elegant palaces, majestic tombs of mighty emperors, etc are truly breathtaking. During your holidays in India, you will too have a brilliant opportunity to see all these architectural wonders of India.

To see monumental attractions in India your must travel in Rajasthan. There are several monuments in Rajasthan, India. Embark on Rajasthan Holiday Tours and add a special charm in your holidays in India. Among all the holiday destinations of India, Rajasthan, the land of monuments or the land of Kings, maintains a special importance. Unique cuisine of Rajasthan served in the milieu of royal forts & palaces, camel safari on sand dunes, exceptional beauty of Mount Abu, friendly people etc make Rajasthan a popular spots for holidays in India. Choose any Rajasthan Holiday Package and embark on tours to Rajasthan, India. Surely, your Rajasthan Holiday will be a mesmerizing and pleasant experience.

Not only monuments, in fact, India Tourism offers a range of experience. It offers an amazing selection of holidays in India. Beach holidays on Goa Beaches & Kerala Beaches, Family Holiday on several picturesque locations, backwater holiday, etc, you can enjoy all this on your India Holiday Tours. If your children are interested in wildlife or water fun, India is fully prepared for it also. Explore Indian National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries and watch thrilling & sensational activities of wild animals. Go to beach destination and enjoy water funs. Hill Stations of India may also be fascinating family holiday destination. Lush green hill stations of India with their extra-ordinary beauty offer you fascinating spots for you and your family on your holidays in India.

Some of the must-visit holidays destinations and attractions in India are Rajasthan with magnificent forts, palaces, & rustic beauty; Agar with the magnificent Taj Mahal; Kashmir with extra-ordinary natural beauty, beautiful gardens, lovely lakes and snow; Delhi with India Gate, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, etc; Kerala with breathtakingly beautiful natural beautiful, lovely beaches and backwaters; Hyderabad with Charminar, Mount Abu’s Dilwara Jain Temples, Hill stations like Nainital, Ooty, Darjeeling, Shimla, Manali, etc. You can too enjoy the fascination of India, just choose any one of luxury holiday packages to India and embark on India Holiday Tours.

Creating The Perfect Holiday PR Pitch: Tapping Into The Billion $ Spending Season

The holiday season represents a huge opportunity when in comes to selling your product or service. According to the National Retail Federation, “in 2010, holiday sales increased 5.2% to $452.9 billion, which was a significant improvement from the -0.4% decrease in 2009. On average, holiday sales have increased 2.6% per year for the last 10 years. For some retailers, the holiday season can represent anywhere between 25-40% of annual sales. In 2010, holiday sales represented 19.4% of total retail industry sales.”

And that’s just retail. Just about any business or service can utilize the holidays to boost sales. We generally think of the season boosting sales of clothing, jewelry or electronics, which is does, but those are just the obvious ones. Think about it, if you’re a florist, what better way to make the holidays cheerier. If you’re a psychotherapist, there is help for the holiday blues. If hairstylist, cosmetic surgeon or make up artist, you can help create a new look for the new year. If you’re a restaurateur you can offer the perfect holiday meal. If you’re a marketer or business advisor, there is no better time to prepare for the new year, you get the idea. If you’re in the FBI or CIA, the pitch might be a bit more troublesome, but overall, generally there is going to be a way that you can pitch your business, product or service during the holiday season.

I realize that you might feel that the commercialization of the holiday season has gone too far (and you’re right), still the last quarter of the year presents unique opportunities to get your story out to the media, your customers and your prospects. The holiday season is a time when people loosen their purse strings and spend money. It’s a time when people spend on others and themselves. It’s also a time when the media is looking for story ideas with holiday themed gift guides and a stories having to do with holiday gifts, gadgets and products.

What you need to do is drill down and develop story ideas that speak to the needs of the various media outlets. Remember during this time you need to tie your media angle and pitch to the holidays and you need to keep the needs of the various media outlets you’re pitching in mind. TV is a visual medium, so you want to pitch them a visual hook. If you have a product that you can bring on and show, that helps, or if you do a quick makeover that that could work. Print needs a strong story. If you can tie your product in with a cause, charity or local angle, that can give you a step up.

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2011

I’m Anthony Mora, President and CEO of Anthony Mora Communications, Inc. and author of several books including the definitive PR book, Spin to Win. My firm specializes in public relations, image development, media training and Transformational Marketing, We have placed clients in a wide range of media outlets including Time, Newsweek, USA Today, Oprah, People, WSJ, and CNN. Contact us to learn why effective public relations is the most important tool in the internet age. At AMC, Inc., we help companies reach prospective clients, establish successful brands, grow their business and establish themselves as the experts in their field. Contact us at: http://anthonymora.com

Self Catering Cottages – Perfect Holiday Hangout

One of the innovations of modern times that is gaining huge applause world over are self catering cottages. A perfect holiday destination, they have left the other popular holiday hangouts far behind in the race to popularity. There are several reasons that combine together to make these cottages so well like by people. First of which undoubtedly is the low price at which these can be availed. This spreads their popularity to all the sections of society. The other factor that works greatly in favour of these cottages is their setting. Set amidst the calm locales of countryside they welcome the tourist with an unhurried and tranquil life which acts as a balm for tired and overworked professional.

The freedom that people get here is another star attraction of these cottages. People get the freedom to make enjoyable their stay in any which way they want at these cottages. So much so that they are even allowed to cook their own meals here. This tilts the scale firmly in favour of these cottages as families who have small kids find the place just perfect for them.

Self catering cottages, it must be mentioned are, on top of the wish list of business houses as well. They find them to be just perfect for arranging their official get togethers and team building exercises. The stay at these cottages provide the companies to use them as a holiday package to be given to their most deserving employees.

With so many outstanding features attached with them, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that self catering cottages have carved a name for themselves in the hearts of people. With modern day life fast becoming hectic it shouldn’t come as a surprise if these cottages put all other holiday destinations in shade. With the way their fan base is swelling it looks quite a possibility.

Terry is a globe-trotter specialising in travel writing. Having toured all over Britain, he has a fair idea of the best resorts, self catering cottages, hotels, and other places of accommodation and entertainment, including self catering services in the British Isles. He has been using his vast knowledge of geography and languages to guide tourists and holiday-makers to enjoy their touring time.